More than 50 years of experience in the galvanic treatments field

Galvanica F.lli Riva

The Company has been created in 1962 in Garbagnate Milanese thanks to three brothers who have begun together this activity. Over the years, the Company has evolved and has stood out for its full reliability, that allowed it to get a brilliant positioning nationwide in the market of galvanic treatments.

In 1975 the company moved in Solaro in a factory devoloped in 2000 square meters of productive area. The new factory has 3 automatic lines and an automated warehouse for frames. The new location and the trade strategies adopted have given the chance to the Company to reach a daily production of about 150.000 chromed pieces a day by working in different work shifts.

Over the years the Company has constantly paid attention to technological updates, indeed some important outcomes have been reached as for the new technologies of production and control. In a green economy period, in 2006 the Company has carried out an important investment addressing the attention to the environment in order to work completely in the closed-cycle production by saving 90% of water.

Since the beginning until now Galvanica Riva stands out for the warm environment and for the interpersonal relationships of family character, for the engagement and the ability of each collaborator that have been always rewarded. The 50 years' experience is made available to our customers every day.

Our Strengths

Chrome plating

Nickel plating

Black plating

Tumbling and polishing

Quality Controls

  • Periodical controls

    In order to guarantee a constant quality standard, Galvanica Riva carries out some periodical controls of the thickness of deposited metal with specific equipment (CMI XRAY) issuing the relative certificates, some controls on the atmospheric corrosion (saline Fog) and some periodical controls of the electroplating with the chemist advisor and the internal lab.

  • Fluorescence Thickness Gauge

    Controls on thicknesses of deposited metal are carried out by an X-ray thickness gauge, CMI 950 X-ray fluorescence analysis, a technique consisting in detecting a particular fluorescence non visible radiated by the piece to be analyzed after having put it to electromagnetic waves at very high frequency.

  • Visual Controls

    Moreover, some visual controls, adherence tests and if necessary destructive tests are carried out. The operator carries out visual controls about the material brightness and the absence of spots.