Chrome plating,
the aesthetic protection of the metal.

Refining the metal to protect it.

The cycle of white chrome plating consist of a sequence of steps (treatments) to obtain a deposition suitable to protect the basic material (iron, stainless steel, brass, zamak) and at the same time to obtain a polished-leveled finish for decorative-protective purposes.

Broadly speaking, the treatment is made up of: warm chemical degreasing, soda-based electrolytic degreasing, pickling in hydrochloric acid and corrosion inhibitors. Among the several steps, there are the corresponding washing. To follow, the main treatment of polished electrolytic nickel plating giving to the treated pieces a pleasant aspect.

According to the time of treatment it is possible to get thicknesses of 10-15 micron on average that are enough to obtain a protection from the atmospheric corrosion. After the nickel plating, the relative washing and the activation, the following step is the chrome electroplating. This last procedure creates a deposit of chrome metal protecting nickel from oxidation and giving a brilliant/bright aspect.


The best resistance to corrosion
Brilliance, brightness, aesthetics
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