We respect the environment by fighting waste.

We protect the most precious good

Our company does pay great attention to environmental issues.

Protecting the environment is the guiding thread that brought us in 2006 to be one of the few galvanic companies to work in closed-cycle saving 90% of water.

Thanks to an important investment of an evaporator allowing us to distil water and put it in in the production cycle once again.

In order to further increase energy saving, we have chosen to install a cogenerator Enerblu REC2 140. the main feature of this electric generator is the ability to produce from the main primary energy source several energy vectors in the form of steam (to different exercise pressures) and refrigerator energy in the form of refrigerated water. This process gives us the possibility to save electric energy in order to feed specific equipment and to optimize the efficiency of plants.

Another important target has been the achievement of the (IPPC) environmental integrated authorization, which certifies our constant engagement to environmental prevention and protection because it obliges us to keep all the emissions values constantly monitored.