Industrial galvanic and superficial finishes.

Services and processing

For us all metals are jewels

In Galvanica Riva company, we have always considered each metal as a precious good, that's why we chose to adopt a static solution for galvanic chrome plating and electrolytic galvanization. The static method implies that the pieces are carefully fixed by hand on the chassis to ensure a higher quality grade.
Thanks to our 5400 frames managed in full automation by our robotic warehouse, we can guarantee to our customers the escalation of large orders in a short time. Our galvanic company is also characterized by the presence of several wagon systems of 2mt x 1.50mt pitch 80 and galvanic jousting systems robotized with galvanic tanks of size 1.50mt x 80cm pitch 80.
Our facility is equipped to carry out galvanic treatments on iron, stainless steel, zamak and brass. In order to facilitate production we have set up a stock for raw material available to customers, we also make withdrawals and deliveries by means of our own property.
Galvanica Riva has always been careful about the product and its quality, so our employees work in shifts, always maintaining a high standard of concentration. Quality for us is, above all, a finished product with no defects, precisely for this reason in addition to the CMI950 fluorescence thickness gauge and an accurate visual control we have set up an internal analysis lab to keep track of our galvanic baths.
Our major customers belong to the automotive sector (with business registration at the International Material Data System which provides a database of components and materials information to simplify compliance), nautical, mechanic, furnishings and information technology sectors.